Vitamin L – The Importance of Where We Live

No one picks where they are born.  Life often dictates where we end up.  However, many of us chose certain places to live based on our desire to live out a fantasy life, be like the Jones, for ego, and a host of other reasons we are all secretly thinking about as we read this.

Recently, I moved back to a city I swore 10 years ago I would never live in again.  I was in my first real job, surrounded by older people, and conversations about mortgages, investments, and all kinds of stuff that meant nothing to me.  My life had changed dramatically and although I had a few friends, I was alone, and felt lonely….  When I left – I looked back at the skyline and told the city – see ya never!And yet, here I am again.  10 years older.  I am in a different time and place.  I am no longer a unit of one.  I care about investments and have a mortgage.  This time, the place feels right.  But are these the only reasons why?

My last home (in this use of the word I mean city), I arrived out of a yearning for the fun and joie de vivre of the Europe I so missed.  I had some wonderful times, horrible times, but quite more often than not, felt like an outsider.  I was really never part of this special place.

I know this now.  I feel I belong.  I feel a part of society.  Not because of a mortgage, or 10 years of living, but because there is an undeniable and unequivocal reality that this is home.  I am accepted.  I enjoy the people I deal with daily.  Finding and trusting new people into a network is easy and motivating.  I do not fear the little things I did so often in my former home.

So, what does this all mean for you?  Where are you now?  Are you there because you really need to be?  Do you belong?  What is your quality of life?  What do you miss most, that moving could give you?

Our environment plays a critical role in our health and well being.  Our geographic location is intrinsically so connected to the vitality of our soul.  Corny sounding or not, where you live is more than somewhere you got/get a job.

The new world’s economics has taught us that no city, no person, no vocation is secure.  What this means to you is that you can chose to live somewhere with more optimism by focusing on more reasons to be there than beyond a job.

So many people stay put and life passes by.  We get one shot at this and should enjoy a level of quality both at work, play, and in our environment.

Is it time you re-explored this?  What are you waiting for?

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  1. Hi, I missed the ABC Blog, and am looking forward to getting a dialogue going here in the weeks ahead as you build this new content. I hope that you will start publishing comments again soon, and consider my idea for a forum area in the future.

  2. Hi – just a quick note to say I love this post and am happy to see the former ABCers back to improving the world and my life. Looking forward to more soon. internet hugs

  3. Hi Joan,

    Thanks for the interest. You can send us an email to join the mailing list. We will be having a newsletter in the not too distant future.

  4. Hank,

    I admire your efforts to convince us – I think once a community is developed to the point where a dialogue with enough voices would be heard, we would totally consider it.

    As we stated, we are slowly building back our momentum and encourage you to submit comments/suggestions. We are extremely busy, though, so if they are not posted that same day, please be patient.


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