The 4 Hour Body Overview

I love Tim Ferris. He is a curious guy, never satisfied with the world around him, nor himself, and his quests become best-selling books. In Tim’s latest offering, The 4 Hour Body, we have a dizzying amount of data to digest on how he simplifies getting the body you want, both fast and easy.

As a proponent of bio-individuality, I believe parts of Tim’s book can benefit some and others not so much. What I do enjoy, is how he backs up his findings using real human models and citing various medical and research studies.

It is important to understand the main premise for the nutrition/diet portion of this book is the slow-carb eating plan with the celebrated – Cheat Day!

Tim spoke at the Next Conference in Berlin, and we are pleased to share this presentation, which will serve as an overview to his book. Enjoy, share, and engage your thoughts!

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