A Journey from Darkness – My Odyssey to Curb Sugar Addiction

Today, starts the first in a series of 7 blog entries by Jenny, who has a limited amount of time to get her act together or get fired from her job. Her issue is based in a sugar addiction that now permeates and controls the bulk of her daily life. Jenny has agreed to blog her progress and/or struggles to let other readers understand that many times pills and complicated diet strategies are not the answer. Here is her background entry to give you some understanding to the state of her affairs.

If you live in New York, you will understand the pace of my life. If you are a single woman, in a competitive job, just trying to scratch ahead – you, too, are living my life.

I am a relatively simple Mid-West girl. I am a university –educated gal who has enough talent to work in art direction for a rather prestigious agency.

My problem began 3 years ago at the end of a relationship. You know the story – work was the priority but then the following week you see him awkwardly pass-by on the street with another girl – thinner, giggling, making you feel like a beluga whale. You run into the nearest corner deli – and the ice cream says, “Hey lovely – I can help.” Little by little sugar seduces you. Little by little it makes you hate the models on shoots even more.

Then you do the ultimate. You compensate by acting bitchy and bossy. The thing is – at first – this new found voice gets you noticed. Then little by little – fed by sugars confidence – you start to feel alienated. You don’t care to look as good as you once did. Manicures are irrelevant. Dates seem like a waste of time.

For me – it did not seem that bad because the pace of my life kept me spinning.

2 months ago, though, work gave me a wake-up call. My Boss, a woman, told me that I better have a personality change-up or I am out on my a**.

I saw a gamut of doctors and specialists. I do not need a psychologist I cannot afford, regardless of which celebrity he has helped. All tell me the same thing. You need to lose 15 to 20 pounds and lower your blood pressure.

They say the words: diet, exercise, and prescription – these all fall on numb ears.

Then Cat tells me – just lower or stop your sugar in-take and we will get you off the emotional roller-coaster.

I have worked with Cat and had her as my client, for almost 2.5 years now. If you know her story, she never talks about her own trials with health – but is a walking testament to the power of healing without conventional medical intervention. Moreover, she is the most selfless person I have met.

Cat tells me in 6 weeks I can be human again. I am skeptical but desperate. I realize my job is all I have right now – so I best get my sh*t together.

Ahhhh… but there is a catch. I will have to write a blog entry once a week about this journey.

So, like my struggle from grade 1 – I will have to share this adventure with you.

I hope it works and that I stay committed, but most importantly, that someone else out there in my shoes reads it before she is fired on account of letting herself slip on by.

Stay tuned.


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  1. This is a great idea! I hope that it is not edited too much because that would affect how someone like myself suffering from sugar addiction would react to it if you know what I mean.

    Are you guys not publishing comments any more?

  2. Hi – We have not been publishing for a few weeks due to a large amount of spam. The issue is resolved and will be getting back to posting comments as much as possible. Please note that comments and questions about services are very different and we invite readers with questions to fill out the appropriate form and submit it – as they will not be published on individual blogs.

    I hope you are inspired in the weeks ahead.

    Good luck to you.

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