Xenohormones – Part 1: What the heck are they?

Hormones are a very hot and sexy topic right now. A lot of articles, books, and talk shows have spoken about xenohormones – but never in ways to truly educate a patient on a level that makes immediate sense.

Let’s break it down:

1. What are they? Xenohormones are man-made substances that are foreign to the body and have a hormone-like effect. Most xenohormones have an estrogen-like effect and so are sometimes called xenoestrogens.

2. What are the common sources for xenohormones?
• Synthetic estrogens and progestins, as are found in oral contraceptives and conventional hormone replacement therapies.
• All American-grown, non-organic livestock, which are fed estrogenic drugs to fatten them.
• Petrochemical-derived pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
• Solvents and adhesives.
• Car exhaust.
• Emulsifiers found in soaps and cosmetics.
• Almost all plastics, especially those that are heated.
• Industrial wastes such as PCBs and dioxins.

3. How do we absorb xenohormones? You can ingest, inhale and by direct skin contact.

4. What do they actually do that is harmful to the body? They contribute to many reproductive disorders, reproductive cancers, and fertility issues.

5. How about men – are they affected? Yes, xenohormones affect sperm count, testosterone levels, and contribute to a host of growing endocrine disorders.

6. Xenohormones affect fetus development and puberty in children.

Now that you are better informed about xenohormones, stay tuned for Part II next week: Xenohormones – Good Riddance.

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  1. wow….. this is kind of heavy and kind of frightening. Yet – we all know that all this stuff is doing something to us, right? I was starring at my water bottle as I read this thinking – good thing I don’t do 8 a day! I hate using a water bottle/container – what do you recommend to your patients? Can you reverse the harm caused over many years? So… so … so many questions. thanks for this.

  2. Hi Rita,

    How you drink your water is really a personal choice – there is no one option that works. Lately, a lot of our clients who are into sports are getting bpa free water bottles that have their own filter which you replace every 60 to 90 days. Some like aluminum containers that they fill up at home with filtered water. There are also those who took the initiative to get their company to change to a better system at work so they don’t have to buy/bring from home…. The world is your oyster for water….

    The sooner you change the better you make things for your body. This is a very complex subject but what I can tell you is that the body is a miracle machine – it can repair, reset, heal and mend itself in so many ways.

    I know for a fact that hormone levels affected by this can be changed through elimination and diet.

    Good luck and drink clean!

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