Xenohormones Part II – Good Riddance!

In follow up to last week’s post, here are some common practices that will prevent you ingesting or coming into contact with xenohormones:

• Avoid all synthetic oral contraceptives and conventional HRT.
• Eat certified organic meat and dairy as much as possible.
• Eliminate all conventional pesticides, lawn and garden chemicals, etc. (use natural options).
• The same goes for solvents and cleaners in the home – there are many natural options to choose from.
• Wash your clothes in the most simple form of detergent and instead of fabric softener use white vinegar.
• Buy cosmetics and skin care products without xenohormones and avoid parabens commonly found in lotions.
• Avoid particle-board, synthetic-fiber carpets and fake woods as much as possible.
• Use glass or ceramics whenever possible to store food and water.
• Heat food up in the microwave in glass or ceramic covered dish or reheat food the old fashioned way.
• Try to wear clothes made of natural fibres.

Try to change each of these one at a time. Notice the effects on your health and those around you. Remember, you have been ingesting and been in contact with xenohormones for years – so it will take time to see a positive result. Make these changes permanent.

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