A New Year….

Ahhhh! The thrills and dreams of a New Year! We hope that the first 11 days of 2012 are still full of the magic that New Year’s Eve brings. New hope, ideas, commitments, and zest for life. Grab hold of these and keep them in the forefront of your day!

At The Second Act, we decided to share some of our 2012 plans with you, in hopes that we all can ensure to materialize on what we set out to do.

Our blog is going to change up focus this year.

We really feel that more time and effort should be put on tools and tips for meal planning and nutrition. These posts will often have a link to a recommended recipe to compliment them, and/or our own recipes. While recipes are fabulous to share, the power of knowledge in knowing you are using the best possible foods for yourself and loved ones, we feel, is invaluable.

We committed to do an e-book of revamped family and entertaining favorites, which will be based on our unique road mapping technique which is currently being developed.

If you are interested in learning more about this project and even submitting a recipe to include for makeover, you can write us here.

Instead of a bookstore, we are setting up a library by subject, and from time to time will post a review on what makes a selected book so worthwhile for you to read.

We will also be writing about supplements this year. This is a vast subject with a lot of controversial press right now, and we will endeavor to set the record straight, in addition to educating you on your options.

And finally, our first health e-book is underway, and we hope to have this available by April, 2012. As we approach the date, we will reveal the subject, title, and how important we feel this will be to your personal journey in self-healthcare.

Time constraints have made us opt out of posting comments, although they are always welcome through our contact page.

If you are interested in becoming a patient locally or internationally, please use our contact page to get in touch. Please note that if you reside outside of the Toronto area, we use SKYPE for consultations and follow up. Our testing services are available throughout Canada. We also can refer you to colleagues in closer geographic proximity if you prefer.

We look forward to continuing our journey and growth with you!

Remember circumstances change – but health is wealth. Get out there – do more – be more! All year – not just January!

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