Life Design: Adding an Hour More to your Day…

You read it. You nod in approval. Then the skeptic you on the left shoulder (right side if you are left handed) says, “Yeah, whatever…”

But really, think on this one. We have. And, we certainly do so in practice, because it becomes a key hour to your overall life quality.

Here are some ideas from REAL LIVING BREATHING mortals on what that hour did for them in the course of a few months or all of last year:

1. Allowed me to focus on making myself more presentable and relaxed to co-workers, which in-turn has allowed me to stand out more in my team;
2. Allowed me a chance to sit down and find that quiet space in my mind to listen to my own thoughts and needs;
3. Allowed me to get in shape;
4. Allowed me to be a better mother and wife;
5. Allowed me to learn how to prepare lunch for myself and husband and in the process we each lost 6 pounds in 8 months;
6. Allowed me to read again;
7. Allowed me to realize I need a new job and start planning for it;
8. Allowed me to take long baths and regroup which in turn has helped my health;
9. Allowed me to make a financial plan and stick to it;
10. Allowed me to eat and prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch;
11. Allowed me to leave my home happy and come home to an organized sanctuary;
12. Allowed me to feel happy and calm;
13. Allowed me to heal my body;
14. Allowed me to explore all the things I use to be and in the process find myself;
15. Allowed me to feel that the all the hours I work are worth it in the end.

And the list goes on. Your personal time management is instrumental to your overall primary health. What can you do with an extra hour each day to make 2012 your best year yet?

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