A Journey from Darkness – How I am Doing Today

For the most part, since I last checked in, my life has changed 360 degrees. For the most part, although some of the experiences were quite traumatizing, life is good.

Many of you wrote in and asked if I got fired from my job in NYC. The answer is yes. However, I had already accepted a contract in the UK, so despite the news still stinging, it was for the best.

Improving my overall health both physically and mentally is a constant struggle. But, I have realized over the course of this journey that the benefits outweigh the negatives, especially as a woman entering her mid-thirties. Our actions to ourselves and others have far more reaching consequences than when we were foolish and young and often forgiven. (This goes double for our bodies.)

I do not have to take any medications, and the constant threat of this, keeps my diet in check. Living in a new culture is challenging, but at the same time, gives more choice that I had not thought of when I lived in America. I am often in restaurants with new foods and veggies I have never heard of. I never feel deprived. I am in control.

Alcohol would be my one vice. However, as I have come to terms with my new life, I have weaned this down to a glass of wine at the end of the day and maybe 2 or 3 on one weekend day. For me, the key is feeling like I am never punishing myself.

My weight is steady at 10 pound loss for one year. My blood work also is holding fast, and in the bigger scheme of things that is what truly matters.

I have realized that where I live, what I do and with whom I do it – all have positively impacted my stress levels for the better.

Socially, I have dated a bit. Came close to a boyfriend, but work took me away for 3 weeks and he kept shopping. I am not sad or angry about this, as each step is a big boost in confidence for me.

I still follow a monthly maintenance plan from 2ndAct Health – and I feel this truly keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Thanks to everyone who emailed to find out how I am doing.

All the best.


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