Health: Pillow Talk – Dirty Secrets You Need to Know

When you put your head down to rest at night, you feel good right? Not a care in the world. Just looking to rejuvenate and turn your brain off. But wait… Underneath your head is a sub-world at play. Dead skin cells being feasted on by millions of fungi and bacteria.

The older the pillow – the worse this gets.

Pillows are responsible for allergies, asthma, and for spreading a host of common viruses like cold and flu.

There are very easy things to do to avoid this:

1. Wash your pillow regularly – every 2 weeks for synthetic fibres and once a month for down-filled.
2. Ensure the pill is completely dry after each washing.
3. Use a HEPA Vacuum on your pillow – every time you vacuum the rest of the bedroom.
4. Change the pillow case weekly.
5. Do not let your pet use your pillow.
5. Replace pillows 2 times a year.
6. If you use a tempurpedic pillow – you should air them regularly and clean the covers weekly. We also recommend these are replaced annually.

You spend up to 1/3 of your life with your pillow… Make it a healthy relationship.

PS. Now you know why so many people travel with their own pillows. Imagine what is in a hotel pillow!

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