Superfood: Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms have long been a “love it” or “hate it” food. Their culinary history is steeped in both truth and fiction, but one thing is for certain, they are definitely magical. Here is a brief overview of why they should be a part of your diet. As with all fruits and veggies, please source local and organic where possible.

What mushrooms do:

• Support immune function
• Promote cellular growth
• Protect against environmental stressors
• Help the body’s detoxification process
• Preserve cellular structure
• Support healthy gut flora
• Aid digestion

Other Miracles of Mushrooms

Help in the Fight Against Cancer
Current research shows that a diet that includes plenty of mushrooms can help slow down the development of certain cancers, including breast cancer, which is 70% hormone dependent. Mushrooms are one of the very few non-meat sources of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been shown to block aromatase, a protein necessary for producing estrogen in women. CLA is also found in dairy products, beef, and lamb.

A Great Source of Key Hard-to-get Nutrients
An average Portobello mushroom has 21% of the daily required intake of selenium and 33% of copper; it has as much potassium as a medium-size banana. Other varieties are just as rich in minerals and mushrooms retain their nutrients when stir-fried, oven baked or grilled.Continue reading