Life is a series of experiences and journeys and this is no exception for 2ndActHealth Founder - Cat Aulakh. Like many patients who seek her help, undisclosed medical conditions and wrongful diagnoses led her to the path of becoming an Integrative Healthcare Professional specializing in nutrition, genetics, and forensic sciences.

Cat has been studying and practicing as an Integrative Healthcare Professional for 6 years. She has studied functional medicine and advanced nutrition at Cornell University, and programs in biotechnology and genetics at MIT, as well as ongoing certifications in forensic studies and other science disciplines. She has trained with world-renowned doctors, healers, scientists and educators in a variety of disciplines throughout the world. Cat believes that in order to best help a patient one must never stop their education and dedicates countless hours a week to staying up-to-date on research and development.

After a 10 year career running a successful PR and marketing company, Cat was guided by former clients in the medical field, and began to study and research solutions for her own complex health issues, coupled with continual self-experimentation with nutrition and life-style interventions, which ultimately led to her ongoing formal training. She was able to heal her own health, and has went on to share what she learned with others through her work with professional athletes, private practice, speaking and publishing projects.

Cat believes in a personalized approach to health care that recognizes the biological individuality of each patient.  Partnering with some of the most prestigious genetic and diagnostic labs in North America, she  utilizes state of the art testing tools to formulate her programs, and educate patients.

The 2ndActHealth philosophy is that the body is an interconnected whole, and that optimal health is achieved by science based evidence, nutrition, life style, and mindset management which ultimately provides a prevention model to provide a patient with a lifetime of quality living.


Cat believes that we all hold the key to our health destiny and should not be dependent on the medical system for all our answers.

Cat resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband.