10 Reasons You Are Still Hungry…

1. You have consumed amounts of fructose (synthetic mix of corn starch glucose and corn syrup) and that may impair your body’s ability to use leptin – the hormone responsible for satiation (or feeling full). Common forms: soda pop, preprepared foods, fast food.

2. You ate food which was stored or came from a container with BPA – which can cause leptin to act in erratic ways and increase hunger.

3. You never had breakfast or had something that did not translate into proper nutrition in your body.

4. You ate a plate of carbohydrates and neglected good forms of protein and fat – which are responsible for making you feel full, satisfied and often with fewer calories consumed.

5. You are not eating vegetables high in folate (the “hidden hunger” nutrient).

6. You did not take the time to chew your food and enjoy your meal.

7. You are actually dehydrated. Drink more water before eating a meal, not during it.

8. You are depressed and eating is your attempt to fill a void for something else.

9. You have increased your physical activity and neglected to adjust your food intake – by adding more protein and water.

10. You did not eat enough fibre during the day.