Genetics: The Milk Revolution


In the 1970s, archaeologist Peter Bogucki was excavating a Stone Age site in the fertile plains of central Poland when he came across an assortment of odd artefacts. The people who had lived there around 7,000 years ago were among central Europe’s first farmers, and they had left behind fragments of pottery dotted with tiny holes. It looked as though the coarse red clay had been baked while pierced with pieces of straw. More from

Nutrition Research: Salt Intake

While the link between sale and hypertension is well known, until now scientists have not understood how exactly increased salt intake raises blood pressure. A team at McGill University, in Montreal, led by Professor Charles Bourque discovered that ingesting large amounts of dietary salt causes changes in our brain circuitry.

They included that over a diet of higher salt intake over a period of time in rats caused a biochemical change in the neurons that release vasopressin (VP) in the the systemic circulation. An overview of the research can be found here.