How to Roast Most Vegetables

Here we are in February… A lot of you who have started a new way to eat are already cheating, rethinking, and plotting the end of what may very well be a good lifestyle choice. Let’s be honest – your side dishes are getting boring and you are out of ideas at the end of a long day/week… No problem. This handy little chart modified from Good Housekeeping can help you out.Continue reading

Life Design and Nutrition: How to Eat Well on a Budget

plantoeatGolden Rule #1: Clean and organize your fridge and cupboards; then stock up on the essentials.
In order to know what you really need, your kitchen needs to be clean and organized. A good trick to follow in the fridge is to keep fresh and perishable items at eye level. Stock your pantry with non-perishables and you will have the essentials for countless meals and less time and visits to the grocery stores. Being organized in the kitchen is like having more money in the bank.

Golden Rule #2: Establish your monthly budget and then make a plan.
By knowing what you have, what you want and what you can afford – you are ready to get going. If you need motivation – go to the recipe section of 2ndAct or any of the infinite sites and blogs available online. Still stumped, turn on the food network and get inspiration from an Iron Chef.Continue reading