Which Frying Pan? Why not Teflon?

One of the reasons Teflon is still in wide use in cookware is that has been difficult to determine what the real source of these chemicals in the people’s bodies is. In addition to non-stick cookware, the chemicals are found in many consumer products including shampoo, food grade paper products, carpets, lubricants, rug cleaners, garden tools, and even zippers. PFOA is released as water and air pollution during the manufacturing of carpets, clothing, and paper. These chemicals have been found in tested air, water, and food in every North American city where testing has been done. Sadly, the majority of us have this in our bloodstream as well.

Non-stick cookware became all the range in the low-fat craze, that sadly, so many people still adhere to as their main and only viable diet option. Less butter, less oil and voila – your food could be cooked at high temperature in the same fashion!

Now with time passing, we are learning that both non-stick cookware in its traditional sense and a low-fat diet in its traditional sense make no sense!
So, what are better options?

Well, first off your main 2 options are stainless steel and cast iron.

However, there is a secret to making this transition easier.


The pan must be heated to the correct temperature BEFORE adding oil or the ingredients.

Now add a few drops of water to check if the temperature is hot enough. If the drops of water, instead of sizzling, bead up and dance around the pan without evaporating, like drops of mercury, the pan is just right.

All together now: HOT PAN/COLD OIL.

We will talk more about oils and butters in the weeks ahead.

Purchase recommendation:
11” stainless steel fry pan
12” cast iron

If you really must stick to non-stick, many manufacturers are now making lines without PFOA – before purchasing, I recommend researching and asking around.

Vitamin L – The Importance of Where We Live

No one picks where they are born.  Life often dictates where we end up.  However, many of us chose certain places to live based on our desire to live out a fantasy life, be like the Jones, for ego, and a host of other reasons we are all secretly thinking about as we read this.

Recently, I moved back to a city I swore 10 years ago I would never live in again.  I was in my first real job, surrounded by older people, and conversations about mortgages, investments, and all kinds of stuff that meant nothing to me.  My life had changed dramatically and although I had a few friends, I was alone, and felt lonely….  When I left – I looked back at the skyline and told the city – see ya never!Continue reading