Paleo Diet – Is it Right for You?

Paleo = The Way of the Hunter-Gatherer – Type O Blood

The Paleo lifestyle is very popular right now – and like many other successful diets it is due in great part because such a large demographic of the world population can benefit from it. Let’s explore this in a little detail:

Percentage of world that is O blood type = 40-45% worldwide.*

The extraordinarily high percentage of blood group O in “ancient” or otherwise isolated populations also testifies to its great age. (6) Even though the early migrations dispersed the gene for group O blood throughout the world, there are some extraordinary examples of “old” populations existing in our world today. Because of their geographic locations, these societies have remained isolated from interaction with other populations. If A, B and O had developed simultaneously, the isolated population groups would have had all of them. But these “old societies” are group O because genes for the later blood groups never had the opportunity to enter into their populations. They have remained unchanged.*Continue reading

Health: Pillow Talk – Dirty Secrets You Need to Know

When you put your head down to rest at night, you feel good right? Not a care in the world. Just looking to rejuvenate and turn your brain off. But wait… Underneath your head is a sub-world at play. Dead skin cells being feasted on by millions of fungi and bacteria.

The older the pillow – the worse this gets.

Pillows are responsible for allergies, asthma, and for spreading a host of common viruses like cold and flu.

There are very easy things to do to avoid this:Continue reading