Upcoming Recipes

You have no idea how many requests we get for recipes! As many of you know, I have a cookbook in the works, so getting feedback and more people testing recipes is always a fantastic thing for us to do. To start the ball rolling, I will be going back to the 2 other blogs I contributed to and posting some of the pertinent recipes and advice to set yourself up to really cook with ease and less. For the most part the emphasis will be on quality whole food and how it will contribute to your overall wellness. Don’t worry though, every once and then, a little indulgence will rear its head into the blog.

First things first.

You need some basic equipment that does a lot of things without being too expensive or take up too much room.

This bad boy is called the Cuisinart mini-prep plus. In Canada it goes for around $50.00 – but is often on sale. In the US – Macy’s and Target often have them around $20.00. Yes, you can buy a cheaper one – but trust me it won’t last. I should know – I have burned through 3 of the good ones and 4 of the bad ones.

A lot of the recipes, appetizers, sauces, etc. made on this blog will benefit highly from you purchasing one of these.

Until we meet again.

Chef Cat