Life Design: 10 Reasons to Be Organized.

1. Better Health
Being organized lowers stress, one of the greatest silent factors affecting our health.

2. Eating Better
Being organized allows you to plan and avoid last-minute pitfalls to your daily nutritional needs.

3. Mental Health
Uncluttered space = uncluttered mind.

4. Increased Self-Confidence
A well-organized surrounding radiates positivity back at you.

5. More Time to Yourself
If you have control over your surroundings, you can improve your daily life quality.

6. Be a Better Parent and Partner
Developing a routine to stay and be organized will allow you to focus on your loved ones.

7. Foster a Better Impression at Home and at Work
People who are organized get noticed for all the right reasons.

8. Save Money
Being organized and planning ahead saves money. Period.

9. Make More Money
Better time management through organization = job promotion and opportunity to generate more income.

10. Organization Helps Achieve Goals and Priorities
Clarity allows for focus.

Another entry in Jenny’s Journey from Darkness will appear next week.

Alcohol Consumption

Let’s face it. One of the greatest things about Google is that you can get the answer you want if you search hard enough. And, there is growing support that many individuals can seek online guidance to also find or hear others supporting their actions and/or decisions.

Sadly, this is very much the case for nutrition and health.

I decided to write this blog after having a very disturbing discussion with a patient about going gluten-free and how liberated she felt in eating everything and anything gluten-free – and out of the blue upping her alcohol intake.

Remember the old saying, “If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t…”

I am dedicating this blog to educating everyone on some lesser known facts about alcohol, not only from the perspective as a holistic practitioner, but a well-educated and experienced sommelier who knows what they are talking about. I advise and continue to work with the global wine industry as it evolves, grows, and continues to strive towards better environmental practices and higher standards in its products.

Alcohol plays a role in life-like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As a society, we try to find ways to make it fit in as a healthy part of our life-style, as a necessary evil, etc. There are thousands of studies in and not in favour of its use – from increasing lifespan to shortening it, but there really is no gold standard to speak of. Furthermore, if you believe, as we do at The Second Act, we are bio-individual; you cannot even take studies to heart where it concerns your own well-being.

So then what?

Know thy self. Know your family history. Educate yourself.

Should everyone have a glass of wine with dinner, 7 nights a week? Of course you know the answer is no. Can some people do this successfully and be healthy? Yes.

Do drinkers live healthier and happier lives than non-drinkers? Some do; some do not.

What exactly then should a person do?Continue reading