Health: What is a Patient Advocate

We constantly get requests to explain the role of a patient advocate or emails where individuals simply request advocacy advice. We have put together a simplified infographic (with the help of our friends at Emblem Agency to better explain this critical service we offer and how it may help you or a loved one. For further information see our services page.

Health: Pillow Talk – Dirty Secrets You Need to Know

When you put your head down to rest at night, you feel good right? Not a care in the world. Just looking to rejuvenate and turn your brain off. But wait… Underneath your head is a sub-world at play. Dead skin cells being feasted on by millions of fungi and bacteria.

The older the pillow – the worse this gets.

Pillows are responsible for allergies, asthma, and for spreading a host of common viruses like cold and flu.

There are very easy things to do to avoid this:Continue reading