A Journey From Darkness – Week 5

A lot of my girlfriends in the city and in other major areas around the USA have made a decision. They would rather drink their calories than eat them. I shared this “in” diet methodology with Cat. She said to me, “Do you really think it makes sense?”

I said, “A calorie is a calorie…”

To which she replied, “Yes, but what happens when you ingest certain calories?”

Here in lies the fundamental difference between holistic and regular medicine. No one ever asked me or explained things to me. No medical professional asked me to make a choice – they simply told me this is a solution, do that, don’t do this. Eat x amount a day, take these pills, etc…. You know the drill.

My food diary changed gears this week. I began adding in a few of the things taken off for the past month – in a modest amount and saw/experienced how it impaired and/or affected my digestion, my sleep, my skin. Yep – the jury is in. Sugar = bad.

Sadly, the other truth constantly smacking me in the face is that everything we eat, think, and do will affect our health. Actions and decisions have consequences, even the ones we made 10 years ago. We kind of all know this, though, don’t we? We just need a professional to remind us.Continue reading