Our Diagnostic & Testing Programs

All of our health programs begin with a predictive health history. This is an algorithm based interactive appointment which helps us determine the best course of action for you.

Are you new to diagnostic testing and genetics?  New patients are offered a 15 minute meeting at our downtown clinic - which can be booked online if you are out of town this may be done via SKYPE.

Some of our testing services offered include:

Diagnostic Testing*

*All these programs include recommendations.  We include proprietary analysis of existing medical results including bloodwork. Individual health programs are available for an additional fee.  If you are an athlete - we include review of your existing training programs, and work with your team to integrate our work to enhance goals and objectives.

Genetic Testing 
Relationship Testing
  • DNA Paternity Testing
  • DNA Relationship Testing including: Full and Half-Sibling Tests
  • Expert Witness Written and In-Person Testimony
  • Forensic Sampling

On Location Services are available in both Canada and the USA based on availability.

All tests are private. No information is shared or sold.