A Journey from Darkness – Week 2

This week was a lot about changing the way I live, literally. Cat and I toured my tiny apartment, with a garbage bag in tow and got rid of a lot of things both food and emotion-trigger related.

I was given a list for the Container Store, Wholefoods, and wherever else I could score the appropriate deals for changing the way I use my kitchen and eat. I actually have my counter top clean and my table visible for the first time since moving in.

Is this all life-changing? Not really. But the reality is that none of us can or chose to take the time to plan out our day to day, so these issues start to stockpile and then – seemingly overnight – we are unhealthy, unhappy, and in my case, slightly overweight and slightly near-being fired!

Learning that how I live is a metaphor for how I look and act is an eye-opener…

My prep day for the program is Sunday. I appreciate working one on one with Cat through Skype to set things up and work on a live kitchen-demo for dinner that night. I have mastered making short grain brown rice which I use for many meals during the week, and overall my energy level is improved.

I hear myself laughing – it is a good thing. I think my temper is subduing.

Tuesday, we have a big meeting where I work. My Boss is still very upset with me (we lost a client after all) and although she does not point me out – her eyes tell the story. Cat warned me not to be sensitive during this time and to focus my change on my colleagues and clients. This is hard. Old Jenny really just wants the Boss to be happy. Today, I actually congratulated a colleague without thinking.

A plate of gluten-free pastries is offering me sympathy, but I know that gluten-free does not mean sugar-free. So many of my friends are on the gluten-free band wagon and gained weight… Cat explains this phenomenon to me and like with everything else, the more you know yourself, the better the choices you make.

This week my treat of choice is an apple. I cannot remember the last time I had these. A friend brings me a big bag from a roadside stand on her back from the Hamptons. They make my place smell great and it is quite therapeutic eating one. There is no sweet piece of dark chocolate heaven this week.

I am now down to one sugar in my coffee. It may not sound like an accomplishment to you – but I never thought it possible. I have switched from cream to whole organic milk and not noticed that I am missing anything.

Now for a sensitive topic. Being regular. Like a lot of people, I thought going to the bathroom regularly was for sissies. Well, this is my 4th day of the new plumbing and let me tell you – it is awesome!

The week passes quickly.

On Saturday I slip up with syrup on a waffle at brunch. The entire choice was wrong, but I eat it and actually feel the sugar high fall off much faster. I know better. My body knows better.

I have cut my alcohol consumption to once a week during this program and thereafter, try to limit it to work special events and one night socially. This is a huge waste of calories and energy, and a whopping amount of sugar that defies reality!

I am not looking forward to next week – we are adding exercise. I think I am allergic to it.

Hanging in until next week.


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  1. Dear Jenny,

    Your struggle sounds very familiar to mine. I really hope you stick to it and come out a calmer and happier person. You sound like life is making you a bit rough around the edges and I know from experience as a former single NYC gal, this never bodes well for us socially.

    I hated my job was 15 years. This hate became resentment and rage. Martinis became my drug of choice to bring the old Jo I used to know back. She never came until I realized I needed to change direction. It was a dark time that taught me a lot of lessons.

    I left that part of my life behind. I married into my 40s and plan to adopt this year.

    Life is good and life is short Jenny. I hope that this dietary plan helps you see that.

    I will be reading to see how you do – and please accept my encouragement.


  2. Hi – are you going to post what you eat each day? How much does a program like this cost? Do you have cheat days?

  3. Hi Deirdre,

    Jenny will be writing about some of her dietary aspects but the overall point of this – is to show that diet is also intrinsically linked to many other faucets of our being. As we say, every one is individual – there are no set fees until you would be seen as a patient. Depending on where you are (I assume it is UK) – if we cannot assist you, I would be happy to provide you a referral to a similar mindset peer.

    Cheat days are a very interesting subject. We will be speaking more about these in upcoming blogs. By their very nature – you can imagine that a cheat day is just that – you cheating yourself. More to follow.

    Thanks for enjoying Jenny’s journey!

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