A Journey from Darkness – Week 3

I must admit that I feel very accountable writing this weekly diary of my struggle to all who care to read it. However, I am remiss to report this week I fell victim to some of my demons and a lot of the encouraging work I did seemed for not.

I am being pushed at work beyond my regular boundaries. I understand why. I get it. But, I almost feel like a contagious virus and everyone wants to steer away from me, despite 7 years of great work. The economy has not turned around and a loss of a client is unforgivable. But, is this my second chance or am I being forced to the back door? I digress…

I was not supposed to have sugar in my coffee this week. I needed a hit in each cup. I am still down to 1 which to me is a miracle regardless of the madness in and around me.

I did a no show for my appointment. I am billed in full for this. Enough said.

When I call to reschedule I am not judged and very little is needed to be said. I appreciate this.

By Thursday, I have had 2 chocolate bars in full. My guilt had me sneak pieces here and there. I know this has caused me to be short-tempered. Thursday at noon – I speak to Cat via Skype and breakdown.

We all know when we need to do things and if we take a second to listen to our body (not brain) it gives us strong indicators of this. I woke up with fever and 3 blemishes not seen since my puberty days.

Cat tells me – I know what to do. She provides me a quick recipe for a detox lunch and smoothie that I can do in my blender. She tells me to walk to my place (5 blocks from the studio) and take a 40 minute self-imposed timeout. I have a very important meeting at 4:00pm. My work is awesome, but mentally I am way off my game.

She suggests that I put all my energy into that meeting performance and then call it a day and avoid social activities with a few co-workers and get rest and a good balanced meal.

I get home after pulling my s*it together for the remainder of the afternoon. I cry for the first time in 3 years – for 2 hours straight. I fall asleep in my work clothes. I don’t even have dinner (but must mention I did buy awesome things to make).

I wake to dawn and feel 5 pounds lighter and mentally alert. I was supposed to start my brisk walk around my neighbourhood on Saturday, but wash my face and put on what I consider workout gear and head out since it is 5:30am.

I walk like I am being chased for 20 minutes. I climb back up the stairs to my place. I stare in the mirror. Yeah, I think this is a mid-30’s single girl life crisis.

I pull out one of the silly cards Cat had me make.

It reads, “What are you going to do about it?” I laugh and tell it to f*** off.

My assistant is watching me clean up my desk.

“Are you ok?” she asks.

I stare at her and then realize she thinks I was fired.

“Yeah, awesome. I am redecorating.” I say sarcastically.

As we leave for a shoot, I see my Boss at the elevator. She happens to be looking in my direction. I decide it is now or never.

“Hey… We are just headed out. Have a good weekend.”

And, I take the stairs – something I never do. Cat says, don’t look back if you make contact – or you are fishing for your own needs.

I actually feel damn good.

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  1. Hi there – I just want you to know that myself and a couple of girls in our office are following this journey of yours…. last year, we had a fellow employee who was going through something like you – but we never helped her out and she was fired. Only too late on – did we learn that she had a severe problem with her diet and home life. She is still out of work, and we have all banded together to help her.

    Please continue on your path – but don’t forget to reach out to your co-workers – who care – they probably just don’t know what to do.

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