Epigenetics: Infant Gut Biome

A fecal sample analysis of 98 Swedish infants over the first year of life found a connection between the development of a child’s gut microbiome and the way he or she is delivered. Babies born via C-section had gut bacteria that showed significantly less resemblance to their mothers compared to those that were delivered vaginally. Read more.

3 Part Series – Understanding Genetics

In the first of this 3 part series, we present an amazing TedTalk by Richard Resnick.  He is a builder of genomic software and was involved in The Human Genome Project.

The takeaway from this talk is that:

1. Genetics is changing the field of medicine;

2. Testing is becoming more affordable;

3. How a person is treated for disease is changing.

Our next part in the series will be how to chose a genetic test – what can be done, what cannot be done – and how to understand the basics of results.