A Journey From Darkness – Week 5

A lot of my girlfriends in the city and in other major areas around the USA have made a decision. They would rather drink their calories than eat them. I shared this “in” diet methodology with Cat. She said to me, “Do you really think it makes sense?”

I said, “A calorie is a calorie…”

To which she replied, “Yes, but what happens when you ingest certain calories?”

Here in lies the fundamental difference between holistic and regular medicine. No one ever asked me or explained things to me. No medical professional asked me to make a choice – they simply told me this is a solution, do that, don’t do this. Eat x amount a day, take these pills, etc…. You know the drill.

My food diary changed gears this week. I began adding in a few of the things taken off for the past month – in a modest amount and saw/experienced how it impaired and/or affected my digestion, my sleep, my skin. Yep – the jury is in. Sugar = bad.

Sadly, the other truth constantly smacking me in the face is that everything we eat, think, and do will affect our health. Actions and decisions have consequences, even the ones we made 10 years ago. We kind of all know this, though, don’t we? We just need a professional to remind us.Continue reading

Lunch, Dinner: 2 Minute Fresh Tomato Sauce

This fantastic sauce is ready to heat in 2 minutes! Promise!

I like to make tomato sauce from scratch when tomatoes are in season. Unfortunately, this only happens at this time of the year, and many people simply do not have the patience and/or time. My best success both fresh and canned comes from using roma tomatoes. Trust me, the difference is remarkable.

What you need to serve 2-3 people

• 1 can of organic roma tomatoes (must be roma) preferably packed in water or low sodium – please ensure there are no added spices.
• 1 small pack of fresh organic basil (dry will not work in this recipe)
• 2 peeled organic garlic cloves
• 1/2 teaspoon of dry chilli pepper or 1 fresh red Serrano chilli
• 1.5 teaspoons of virgin olive oil
• 10-12 peppercorns whole (you can use crushed ones as long as they are not too fine) -adjust if you are not a pepper fan.
• Sea salt to taste

Tools: mini-prep plus, a good knife, cutting board, can opener, bowl or sauce pan to put finished sauce in, measuring spoons.


This sauce is perfect when you really want a quality meal and just do not have any time to commit. Doubling the recipe makes it perfect for last minute dinner guests.

Wash off the basil and keep as much as possible including some steams. Peel the garlic cloves and also open the tomato can to let some air in.

Put the garlic, peppercorns, chilli, salt, and basil into the mini-prep plus. Grind very well.

Next, take the tomatoes individually and add them into the chopper. Retain the tomato water for later.Continue reading

A Journey from Darkness – Week 4

When we are children, we are forgiven a lot easier than when we are adults. I guess this has to do with the ramifications of our actions vs. those of a child. I realize that this is very metaphoric in how our body treats us in response to how we feed and keep it. I don’t like it. Sometimes I yearn for the simple years of childhood.

I am thinking these thoughts as I stand in a food store near my apartment while us New Yorkers prepare for Irene. I am debating the end of the world and how these candy bars are going as fast as water. I know, I know, I have a sugar addiction but so what if I die tomorrow? Then again, if they find me surrounded in chocolate, no one will believe I was really trying. Dilemma. I buy 5 just in case.Continue reading