A Journey from Darkness – Week 1

I am not a morning person but am required to be on my A-game as early as 6 or 7. My breakfast of choice is a large black dark roast with 3 sugars. No time for food.

I see a lot of my colleagues eating protein bars, power bars and all kind of nut cluster looking things. I ask Cat if this is my destiny. I quickly learn that they contain the devil – sugar in many guises.

I have had some blood work done – running the gamut from blood type to a hormone panel.

Cat advises in my case (she is all about bio-individuality) that I am going to replace sugar with substance and work towards a real breakfast. This week I mastered a poached egg – this is huge for me.

I like this – nothing to radical. I am afraid if I go cold turkey I may have more emotional outbursts and I am out of second and third chances.Continue reading